Do you want to make weight loss easy and effortless?

Let the power of your subconscious do the work for you!

Are you ready to:

  • Love and feel at peace with your body?
  • Lose weight while feeling inspired and uplifted?
  • Achieve your goals and trust your progress will last?

Then discover The Inspiration Diet... a visualization program that will help you to create a more loving relationship with your body...and release weight with ease!

Like most dieters, you already know what to do to lose weight. You’re educated about proper nutrition and you know the importance of exercise. You’ve read the latest tips about keeping a food diary, drinking lots of water and eating mindfully.

But, you still struggle with weight and feel at war with your body.

That's because releasing weight isn’t just about doing all the right things.

We're bombarded with information and told that if we simply follow a certain regime that we will lose weight. But it's not just about that.

To easily and permanently release weight from your body you must expand your consciousness and change how you think and feel about yourself.

If you’re the kind of woman who wants to:

  • Create a loving, respectful relationship with your body.
  • Learn to listen to your body and honor what it needs.
  • Release weight while feeling inspired and uplifted.

Then The Inspiration Diet is for you.

This process is designed to help you release weight by creating a loving and respectful relationship with your body. A relationship that is honored and valued.

The Inspiration Diet uses visualization to help you communicate with your body and develop body confidence so you can reach your weight loss goals more easily.

What is guided visualization and how does it work?

Visualization is a technique of using your imagination to create a mental model in your mind. These mental models, or pictures, can be of situation, a new way of seeing yourself, or anything you want to create or change in your life. You must envision your goal as a possibility first in the invisible world of your mind, before it can become a reality in the visible world of your life.

Elite athletes, business sales consultants and performance artists routinely practice visualization. Golfers mentally rehearse their shot in great detail, dancers imagine the joy of the applause at the end of a smooth performance and the savvy sales woman pictures herself closing the deal.

How can visualization help you release weight?

When you visualize yourself making healthy choices at a restaurant, confidently taking a vigorous walk, and buying clothes two sizes smaller, you are training your mind to make these choices in reality. As you visualize yourself reaching your goal weight, it is as if you reach out into the future and bring back the picture you want for your life today.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. 

I'm a licensed psychotherapist and life coach. I have helped thousands of people transform their lives for over twenty-five years. Using a mind/body and meta-physical approach, I integrate life coaching with psychology and spirituality. I teach my clients visualization, meditation, and affirmations, self-care through forgiveness and how to harness the power of positive thought for emotional growth and lasting change.

Earlier in my career I developed the first child sexual abuse treatment program in the State of Rhode Island. I’ve helped people overcome issues related to their early life trauma that contributed to weight and body image struggles.

I have continued my education and training through meditation practice with Deepak Chopra, expanded my knowledge of the law of attraction with Abraham-Hicks, and learned the healing power of forgiveness through the mystical Hawaiian problem solving process of Ho'oponopono. I also have training in clinical hypnosis and the energy psychology techniques of Thought Field Therapy and the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Now let me get a little more personal.

I’ve pretty much always been able to manage my weight by exercising regularly and eating a fairly balanced diet. Despite an occasional sweet tooth and eating pasta almost daily (I’m Italian!) I could keep things in check. Mind you, I worked at it, because it was a priority to take good care of my body. From an early age I learned to listen to what my body needed. I don’t know why I was able to do that, but I know we’re all blessed with this special gift to communicate with our bodies. I began to teach others how to awaken this gift within themselves and ran workshops to help women learn how to use the mental skills of visualization, positive self-talk, and goal setting to stick with their exercise plans.

Then middle age happened! I began to gain weight. And more weight. All my friends said, “Well, this is what happens when we get older.” I said, “No… not to me it doesn’t!” So, I reminded myself of what I teach others. Every day I began to visualize myself looking the way I did five years earlier. I began to consciously talk to my body and apologized to it for having been lax in taking good care of it. And, little by little, I got back to a weight I’m comfortable with. I feel like myself again. My body guided me and I followed. I did what it needed me to do. It took nearly a year to make it permanent, and I worked at it, but when I kept my mind-set focused on what I wanted, it became easy and effortless.

I know many people talk about how hard it is to lose weight. And how difficult it is. And if you keep thinking it is hard and difficult… it will be. But when you allow yourself to believe the process can feel easier… it will become easier.

I created The Inspiration Diet because I want to help you release weight, feel confident with your body and listen to its wisdom so it can guide you to your natural state of good health and happiness. Because I know that:

When you take care of your body by honoring its needs…
your body takes care of you.

Here’s some feedback I’ve already received about The Inspiration Diet:

With Diane's help, I've turned a lot of "I shoulds" into "I wants." For example, I used to say "I really should go to the gym." Now it's "I want to work out. I want to breathe heavy and feel my legs ache from walking on the treadmill with the incline on 4."

My anxiety level has decreased over food and in general. I used to obsess over what I would eat and when, especially at social events. Some days all I thought about was food. Now, when I'm starting to feel this way I visualize my day in advance so I'm better prepared to deal with the situation when it arises. I never would have thought of doing any of this, and even if I did think of this, I never would have thought it would actually work. Since I've been following Diane's program, I now know it does work. I have released 16 pounds since using The Inspiration Diet.

I've been on multiple different diets and programs, and I always gain the weight back. But, my way of thinking has definitely shifted because of Diane's approach.
- Melissa, Office Manager

After using The Inspiration Diet for only a short period of time I began to notice some positive changes I was making. For instance, I naturally began drinking water more frequently and moved away from less healthy drinks like diet soda. I’m becoming naturally mindful of what I give and do to my body and am consciously thinking about the choices I make and understanding why I make them.  The Inspiration Diet helps me feel positive and capable of achieving my goals.
Erica, Teacher

Here’s what’s included in The Inspiration Diet:

  • Twenty minute Body Confidence Journey
    Guided Visualization Audio
    to use the power
    of your imagination to visualize reaching your
    weight loss goals.

  • Eight minute Morning Inspiration Guided
    Visualization Audio
    to begin your day by
    asking and listening to what your body
    needs from you.

  • Eight minute Evening Appreciation Guided
    Visualization Audio
    to end your day in loving
    appreciation for all your body does for you.

  • Instruction Guide to using the Guided Visualization Audios.

  • Inspiration Diet 34 page e-book which includes:
    • An Introduction to Guided Visualization
    • How Guided Visualization can help you to release weight
    • A Step-by Step Outline for Using the Inspiration Diet – with customizable pathways
    • Journal Worksheets
    • Daily Gifts for Your Body Practice
    • Suggested Readings

These guided visualization audios are short enough to adapt to your lifestyle. You're simply guided through visualization techniques to help you create a loving, respectful relationship with your body so you can begin releasing weight today.

Please Note: This is a downloadable program which includes downloadable ebooks and mp3 audio downloads. You will NOT receive a physical package -- including mp3s or a book -- shipped to you in the mail. After ordering, you will be able to immediately download all of the program files and bonuses. You won't find The Inspiration Diet in Stores; it's only available through this website.

So how is The Inspiration Diet Different from Other Diets?

The Inspiration Diet is about letting your inner body wisdom guide you.

Everything is energy: our bodies, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and even the physical objects around us. We are spiritual beings having a human experience in a vibrational Universe. When weighed down by excess heaviness we block connection to our inner spirit. This heaviness may take the form of extra physical weight compromising our health, self-defeating thoughts and beliefs clouding our minds, energy draining emotions dampening our spirit, or the clutter of unnecessary objects crowding our homes.

When we release this heaviness we lighten our energetic vibration and become more attuned to listening to our inner guidance.

Our inner guidance always is leading us to our highest good. But we have to learn to listen. When we do, life flows more easily. We are more attuned with our body. We learn to listen to what our body needs. Our body then guides us to its natural state of health and well-being.

Each time you use The Inspiration Diet, its benefits expand.

Each time you listen to the audios you strengthen your relationship with your body, you receive new insights, and you allow your inner wisdom to guide you.

With this program you feed yourself nourishing thoughts, words and beliefs to help you release weight with ease.

Remember, I created the Inspiration Diet because I want to help you release weight by teaching you how to change your mindset. Until you release your self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, they’re going to hold you back. But when you do, you will:

  • Feel EMPOWERED, WORTHY and IN CONTROL of your life
  • Fall in love with and BE IN CHARGE of your own body
  • Be guided by your BODY WISDOM
  • Experience your body as YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND
  • Release weight with LOVE and EASE

So how will The Inspiration Diet help you lose weight?

With The Inspiration Diet:

  • Your mind-set will shift in more positive ways.
  • Your self-awareness and consciousness will expand.
  • You learn to listen to what your body needs.
  • You stop being at war with your body.

Releasing weight then becomes easy and effortless as you feel more at peace. You learn to live lightly...from the inside out!

The Inspiration Diet will help you to release excess weight from your body, mind and spirit. As you learn to live lightly the whispers of your body's wisdom and intuition become crystal clear. You are guided to your highest good.

Here’s what others are saying about the Inspiration Diet:

Diane is very skilled at helping people to change with joy and ease.  She is a first-class psychotherapist and life coach who, over the years, has studied and mastered a range of techniques that train the mind to release self-defeating patterns. When combined with practice, I have seen these methods work. This program will help you to feel inspired to do what your body needs you to do to lose weight effortlessly. It is truly the link between desire and success.
- Mary Hartley, RD, MPH, Obesity and Nutrition Expert

The Inspiration Diet isn’t about promising you will lose a certain number of pounds in a certain number of days. What it promises is that you will learn the skills necessary to shift your mind-set and expand your consciousness so you can make your results permanent.

When you order The Inspiration Diet today you'll get everything listed above plus these bonuses FREE:

  1. The Weight Release Wheel: Step Up Your Self-Care to Lighten Your Body & Soul: Bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your weight release journey.
    (Equivalent to 1 $150 session)

  2. Calling Forth Your Future Self: A visualization and
    writing practice to help you develop confidence and trust.
    (Equivalent to 1 $150 session)

  3. Appreciating Your Body: This writing practice helps you offer thanks and develop appreciation for your body.
    (Equivalent to 1 $150 session)

  4. Extra Journal Worksheets: These question prompts help you deepen your experience of using the audios and are a great way to mark your progress and goals.

  5. Transcripts of the Audios: These are great to review and can help you do the visualization process on your own if you don’t have the audios available.

  6. Half Off Coaching Session: Get a special, one-on-one sixty-minute guided coaching phone call with me for 50% off. (Value $100). 

I use these tools routinely in my work with clients. I’m offering them to you today at no extra charge because I want you to have a range of resources that will help you shift your relationship with your body and open to your body wisdom. Because I know that when you do that, you will begin to release weight with greater confidence and love.

The Inspiration Diet including the workbook, instructions, guided visualizations and bonuses are tools that I typically would use in 5-7 sessions -- up to $1050 worth of sessions -- with my clients. You get all of this today for only $57.

Here’s what others have to say about The Inspiration Diet program:

Listening to this program helped me in so many different ways. It helped me to feel more positive about my body, to make healthier choices and to be more aware of eating mindfully. It encouraged me to feel good about my body and I learned to appreciate it more. I was reminded that, in fact, my body has been good to me! It has been liberating to learn to connect with my body more. And an added benefit of using this program is that it has helped reduce overall stress in my life!
- Joan, Psychotherapist

Since working with Diane and using The Inspiration Diet, I've released eleven pounds! And I feel so much more connected with my body. The other day while exercising I heard this inner voice, my body, say, "Thank you for taking care of me." It's amazing to have this loving relationship with my body. I used to exercise regularly and eat healthy, organic foods, but I just couldn't release the excess pounds I was carrying. After following Diane's approach and doing the visualizations and writing exercises, I learned how to use my inner guidance to help me reach my goals. Thank you so much, Diane, for helping me feel so free.
-Tina, Project Manager

By learning to love and honor your body, releasing weight becomes easier. You will learn visualization techniques to see yourself at a lighter weight, strategies to help you think more powerfully, how to work with energy to expand your consciousness, and meditation/writing exercises to connect with your inner wisdom. This program will help you to honor and adore your body as the loving gift it was meant to be.  

More feedback about the Inspiration Diet:

Thank you, Diane! The Inspiration Diet brought me into a deeper relationship with my body. It helped me to recognize that my body has its own vital force, a force I CAN connect with. I used to feel that my body was something I needed to control, but now I recognize it’s a friend I can partner with. As a result, I'm more gentle with my body and with myself. This program has really touched me and brought me into greater harmony with my body. I will continue to practice checking in with my body regularly – I can already see that doing that makes me a wiser and happier person, more comfortable in my own skin, and more intuitive. Thanks again!
- Catherine, Writer

The Inspiration Diet is helping me shift my outlook on weight release to a whole new level. Until now I never incorporated actually loving my body into this process- it's always been a battle that I invariably lost in the end. Now I intend to stop battling and start loving. Thank you so much!
- Audrey, Histotechnologist

The Inspiration Diet is great! It is a wonderful way to take time every day to focus on my body and what is important for it. The audios help me discover things I did not know about myself or my body previously. I tend to do for everyone else first so taking time for myself is most beneficial, and committing to this program means I am doing something for me. As an example, I will put off the gym because I need to do the laundry or cook dinner or clean the house. Listening to the audios helps me stay focused on what I truly want for myself. If my body needs to walk or do the treadmill, and it says so in the morning, then I will do that. I feel refreshed right after listening to them, and as I continue to listen to them, I learn new things each day.
- Melissa, Office Manager

We all know that releasing weight is about so much more than just food. The Inspiration Diet recognizes this - and focuses on creating real and lasting change - from the inside out - by guiding us through the process of cultivating a stronger and healthier relationship with our glorious human bodies. If you want to release weight, The Inspiration Diet is where you must start. Thank you, Diane, for creating such a powerful and life-changing program.
- Dave J., Certified Personal Trainer

Remember, I created the Inspiration Diet because I want to help you release weight by teaching you how to change your mindset. Until you release your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, they’re going to hold you back. But when you do, you will:

  • Feel EMPOWERED, WORTHY and IN CONTROL of your life.
  • Fall in love with and BE IN CHARGE of your own body.
  • Be guided by your BODY WISDOM.
  • Experience your body as YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND..
  • Release weight with LOVE and EASE.

The LOVE you begin to feel for yourself on the inside will be reflected on the outside.

Order Now and imagine what it will be like to release weight from a body that you honor and value!

Money-back Guarantee

100% of your money back.

This isn't a gimmick. My guided visualization techniques have worked for hundreds of people and they will work for you, too.

But if you’re not satisfied with the program for any reason within the first 30 days, don’t worry… you’ll get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

I want to make it easy for you to feel confident with your body so you can release weight more easily. That’s why I offer you this guarantee.

To your Health and Happiness,

P.S.  I have helped thousands of others to feel fulfilled, empowered and to be in charge of their lives and I look forward to helping you, too.

P.P.S. Don’t forget that you are getting instant access to this program. By reaching out to your body’s own wisdom you can start releasing weight today.


These audios are not to be used while driving or when engaging in any activity that requires your concentration. They are intended only to be used with your eyes closed, relaxed, and seated or lying down in a comfortable position.