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Learning to Love Your Body

August 15th, 2011 Posted in Honoring Your Body | 5 Comments »

If you’re upset with your body, it may be frustrating to hear you need to “love” and “accept” it. You may believe you’ll never stop feeling angry and ashamed.
It doesn’t have to be this way.  You can release this struggle and transform your relationship with your body into a loving, respectful partnership. Here are four practices to help you do that.

1.  Acknowledge Your Feelings Without Self-Blame

If you “hate” your body or if you are “ashamed” of your body, just accept, without judgement, that this is how you feel today. Be gentle with yourself. Tell yourself, “It’s OK that I feel this way. But I don’t have to act on these feelings.” Remind yourself that just because you have felt this way for a long time doesn’t mean you’re destined to feel this way in the future. When you allow yourself the space to simply honor your feelings, and not punish yourself for how you feel, you actually become open to releasing them. Read the rest of this entry »